South Carolina License Plates
"Naval Academy"

(Approved Design from SCDMV)

The South Carolina USNA plates became available in October 2009.

To be eligible for the US Naval Academy (USNA) license plate, you must be a graduate of USNA. To apply, you must present your DD214 and your USNA diploma or a letter from the USNA Alumni Association indicating that you are a graduate. The license plate fee is $30.00 in addition to the regular registration fee. A portion of the fees collected will be distributed to the US Naval Academy Alumni Association.

Our USNA Alumni Association point of contact, Dave Church, has stated that his office is prepared to provide the letters certifying graduate status to any applicant needing it to complete his/her application (MV-95). Dave's email is [email protected]. His office phone # is 410-295-4013. His office will endeavor to send each signed certification on letterhead stationery via FAX or email attachment within 24 working hours to the applicant.

Here is the form MV-95 you must complete and submit along with required documentation and fees.

Here is a document from the DMV that explains the plate fees.

If you have any questions go to the SCDMV Speciality plates website for details about the USNA plates and DMV contact information.